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Dear Mo'mineen;




Salaamun Alaikum.  IHS will be holding Salaat-ul-Eid on Friday

September 1, 2017, coinciding with Dhil'Hajj 10, 1438, starting

at 11 AM, Insha-Allah, at the IHS Centre


An earlier session will be held at 7:30 AM at ISIJ KW, 300 Mill

St. for those who would like to participate.


IHS Ground Breaking


All Mo'mineen are invited to the new IHS Centre ground breaking ceremony 

to be held at

1095 Bleams Road, Mannheim, on Sunday September 17, 2017,

starting at 4 PM.  Dinner will follow.  There will be activities for

children and special dignitaries attending.  Please advise IHS if

attending, so that food and seating arrangements are made, at, or call 519-576-7111.  Islamic dress code 

is mandatory.


Region Wide List of Muslim Shias


The IHS is compiling a list of all Shias in the Waterloo and Wellington

Region so that we have an idea of how any people we are serving

and plan for our future.  The numbers will be used to determine what

our needs will be as a community.  We are urging all to submit their

names, addresses, telephone numbers, email so that we can compile

an accurate list, even of those who do not attend regularly.  We assure

all Mo'mineen that there will be no directory of the names released 

without full explicit permission of each family.  


Thank you for your cooperation and support.



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