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We are a humanitarian service association (under the umbrella of Imam Amir ul Mu’minin Foundation for orphan welfare in Iraq). Our aim is to assist the Orphans, Widows, elderly and the poor in Iraq. Karbala Humanitarian services is a subsidiary of Islamic Humanitarian Services based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

We are based in Karbala where there are nearly 36,000 orphans.

For decades Iraq was ruled by oppressors. Due to this oppression hundreds and thousands of men have lost their lives. Many were evicted form heir homes and became homeless. This has resulted in increase in the number of widows and orphans in Iraq. Even today, Iraq faces oppression by external occupiers and aggressors. For more than seven years now suicide bombers target innocent people including women and children. Many people are left without work or any type of income. Misery and hopelessness has become part of life for many families especially widows with children. Under such circumstances it becomes necessary for us, the fortunate to extend a helping hand and relief the unfortunate from pain and agony.

Please check our website for more info:!/about-us/

Karbala Humanitarian services

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