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Some important Madressa updates 2013


Salaamun alaikum

We pray you all are doing well.  Just wanted to update everyone on some important issues:

1) For any students who are away, it is the responsibility of them or their parents to get the missed work from their teachers.

2) Please note that next week, Sunday, Sept. 29th is the LAST day of registration, after this we will NOT be accepting any new students to the madressa.  Also for those parents who have not filled in the form, please do so asap and give it to the principal so we can update our files.  Even if you are paying in installments, that is fine, but we need the form filled out and handed in.

3) A reminder that students need to have a binder for their notes, and if their teacher has told them.
4) Just a reminder that on Sunday, Oct. 13th the madressa is closed for the long weekend.


Madressa Team

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