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Salaamun alaikum

Just a reminder to everyone that Madressa is CLOSED this upcoming Sunday, April 8th due to the Easter Long Weekend and we will resume classes on April 15th.  The teachers Quran class will also not be held this Sunday.

We had announced at the assembly yesterday about the 40 Day Qur'an Competition and all of the students were given a chart to keep track of how much Qur'an they recite every day.  Please read over the paper given and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  We have also included the papers here, in case anyone wants to print it out again, we do apologize that the printer at Staples did not print out the chart too well and it is a bit dark, so please feel free to print out another one if needed.  For the students who were absent yesterday, parents can print out the papers and follow the directions on them.

We will also be uploading information to our website, as well as other Madressa updates very soon.

Also please note that the Madressa (principal and other teachers) are NOT responsible for students who are not picked up by 3:05pm. The madressa timings are 12pm-3pm, and we request that parents are ON time to pick up their children.  Often we have had to wait until 3:30pm for children to be picked up, and this is not fair on the volunteers who dedicate their time to come and volunteer at the madressa.  Just to reiterate that Madressa will NOT be responsible for anything that happens to the children after 3:05pm.


40 Day Quran competition


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