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"Take advantage of five opportunities before five other things (that end the opportunity); your youth before your senescence, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your leisure before your haste, and your life before you death" - Noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family)
Islam is growing at an incredible rate in the western world. This is largely been due to the immigration of Muslims to the west and the introduction of Islam in remote parts of the world. Islam is truly a universal religion and a complete way of life. There is no separation of state and church in Islam as every Muslim seeks to please and serve only Almighty Allah (SWT).
The Islamic Humanitarian Service based in Kitchener, Ontario, has strived to serve Allah (SWT) and human beings in the name of Islam for over a decade. In continuation of its legacy of serving Muslims in the West, the Islamic Humanitarian Service initiated the position of the National Youth Coordinator (NYC) in February 2000. The NYC office has established a national youth network by the name of the Muslim Youth Association (MYA). The goals of the association are: to promote unity amongst Muslims, to engage youths in the propagation of Islam, and to promote youth involvement in Islamic initiatives.

The MYA will consist of various sub-groups overlooking issues such as Media, Peer Mentorship, Discussions/debates, Reverts to Islam, Current Events, Marriage Counseling, Literature Review, Career Counseling, Disaster Relief, Graduate Registry etc. MYA is not limited by geographical or cultural boundaries and thus it is an organization that welcomes all Muslim youths, regardless of background.

Muslims have settled in the West for a number of decades, and it now time to plan for sustainability of the future generations of Muslims. Thus, in light of the above tradition of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family), the office of the MYA will, Insha-Allah embark upon numerous projects geared towards the spiritual and intellectual development of the youths and young generation. The MYA website will feature Book Reviews, News Bulletins, Events, Contests, Awards, the Fortnightly Gift, and numerous other online resources.

At this point the MYA is in its infancy stages and thus we require your input and support. Volunteers with different expertise are required across the country. Also, MYA is accepting nominations for MYA Representatives in different cities. If you think you have the leadership skills and dedication it takes to make a different in your local or regional community, please get in touch with us via email: Muslim Youth Association \n .   We would love to get you involved!

The opportunities and potential for Muslims in the West are infinite. It is the responsibility of all Muslims in this part of the world to become active in the propagation of Islam. We hope that the Muslim Youth Association can trigger this propagation and facilitate the establishment of a comprehensive network progressive Muslims in Canada and the Western world.

The Islamic Humanitarian Service has ignited something very special, and it is for us, the future of the Muslim Community, to take the torch and kindle the passion of Islam in the hearts of humanity in preparation for the coming messiah, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (may Allah hasten his return).

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